Неверный информационный блок


I was born in Russia in 1979.

Musical flavors formed by two opposite directions in music: rock and techno.

I started composing music at age 13.

My first experimentation in electronic music began with 8-bit computer ZX-Spectrum, Amiga. Worked at: scream tracker 2 and 3, fast tracker, pro tracker etc, under the name WhiteMan. At the same time learned to play acoustic, and later on electric and bass guitar. Worked a guitarist in several amateur rock bands.

In 2000 - 2010 was a member of several promotional groups: Space Out Production, Top Secret, and BK Family (BK Freaks).

Worked as a DJ Francuz.
Organized psy-trance party with involving foreign artists.
Initiated the first tour Infected mushrooms in Moscow.

In 2002 released (currently only) book on the track openair VA DJ Trance Wave vol.3 by Gunn and Ravecity named WattMann.

At the same time the study began PROFESSIONAL software Cubase and, later, Ableton Live and play keyboards and percussion instruments ..

Recorded two unreleased albums and several singles.

In 2008 the creation eccentric show group "Sbychamecht."